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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ride the Peace Train, or Peace Reef - Be a part of the project! Plant a reef!

$85 per person includes tanks and weights.  Project is to plant a reef in the shape of a peace sign that can be seen from outer space.  This will help the environment by making it educational and creating a permitted live rock farm that is also a reef.  A sustainable eco friendly way to help the environment in the Florida Keys, the Peace Reef sits in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 2.5 miles offshore of Islamorada, Florida in twenty-feet of water. The site for this project is leased from the State of Florida and is located in protected seas. One of the purposes of the Peace Reef Project is to call attention to and inform the public about the benefits of effectively reconstructing natural coral reefs around the globe. Since only natural limestone rock is used to construct the Peace Reef it will serve as a model of how to cost effectively rebuild natural reefs while maximizing the benefits to the environment using this natural approach. This is literally how many natural reefs have formed throughout the ocean's history. Limestone rock and coral skeletons are broken off of existing reefs and are dispersed by storms and currents, sometimes together in small groups. Gradually new life colonizes these congregations of rocks and new reefs are born and grow.
Dive the "Peace Reef"All aboard... the Peace Reef meetup 
Someone wants to share the dive love.  Peter Wolfson has the most amazing passion to build a beautiful reef in the shape of a peace sign so very large that it can be seen from outer space!  Talk about a revolution!  Reefs are the foundation of the ocean and they help sharks too.  Success is happening and we wanna be a part of it as usual.  If you like me want someone not just to tell you what NOT to do, but instead tell you WHAT TO DO!  This is what to do!

Conservation divers, join me on an exciting 'Peace Train, or cough, boat trip to say proudly you put down some of the live rock on "Peace Reef"  You can help Peter build it!  Together we can make a reef!  

3/1/14 is the date and due to the drive it will be an afternoon dive.  
We need more boats too.  If you have one and wanna bring it to carry some of the buckets of limestone that would be great.  If you wanna help with out being a diver we need you to lower the buckets of stone via lines too or snorkel and help.  It is all hands on deck aboard the peace train!!  The estimated costs are $85 per diver including tanks and weights for the dive boat but we will have final costs soon.  You will need to bring a lift bag if you have one.  If not i can get one wholesale for you.  We will also be doing reef field surveys during the dives and taking photographs of the site for historical record and cataloging the existing life on the reef now at so sign up for a free membership if you have not already.  Expect a great time!  Here is a video to learn more about it.
See videos explaining the project here:
Can't make it?  You can still help with Peter's program here:  

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