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Monday, December 2, 2013

Coral Restoration Dive CLASS! $130 - All ages and levels - Class & 2 Tank Dive!

January 11, 2014- CRF DIVE
Class first at Coral Restoration Foundation at 8:30am
5 Seagate Blvd., Key Largo, FL 33037
Then lunch at Pilot House nearby and then...
All divers to present themselves at the dock by 12:30 PM for the dive.
13 Seagate BLVD
Key Largo, FL 33037
The parking lot for our boat is located in the chain-linked area directly facing the Coral Restoration Foundation building.
Our boat is behind the CRF building, to the right.
*Divers who require equipment for the dive will have to come to our shop (99696 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo) for payment prior to the dive. No exceptions.
Divers MUST have their diver release forms completed, and have their C-card on hand. No exceptions.
Release forms here:
Conservation Club is doing a Coral Restoration Training, then lunch (included) and then in the afternoon a 2 Tank Dive on the largest Coral Nursery in the world!
The price includes the whole day of fun and coral restoration.
If you wanted to learn to save coral reefs, frag and propagate coral then this dive is for you! Great easy dive in Key Largo 9/8/13. Price includes, lunch, training, boat trip, dives, weights tanks, and coral restoration class and actual hands on experience.  You will learn all about coral and building reefs, then you will learn how to hang them to grow fast, and on the dive actually plant a few coral cuttings into the nursery, learn to maintain the nursery and then on your second dive take healthy cuttings and plant those on the reef.

You must have EXCELLENT Bouyancy Control for these dives!~
Join your fellow conservation club members aboard Keys Diver II for a full day of fun and of diving and kick off the new year by actually doing something to change your environment.
You'll dive and see some of the most beautiful reefs in the world now being healed, but, more importantly you will be doing your part to ensure they are still here, thriving for generations to come. Make a difference this year!
Do the Coral Restoration Dive!
We will learn from Ken Nedimeyer and the Coral Restoration crew just what streses corals and causes a decline in our reefs - cold weather, acidification, excessive CO2 and, yes, divers!
Prepping the corals and cleaning them.

Measuring and numbering Staghorns.

But, you can make a difference this September. Visit the largest underwater coral nursery in the world. Learn about Staghorn and Elkhorn corals. Care for them, then transplant them to America's only living coral reef.
Corals growing on lines in the nursery seem to be less susceptible to disease this way. Ken has now developed 'tree nurseries' to grow the corals with even more success.  It is amazing to see acres of underwater coral trees.. it is like Christmas all over again~

Morning Session
The morning will be an introduction to CORAL RESTORATION FOUNDATION- who we are, what we do, our nurseries, basic coral info and why the decline of staghorn and elkhorn, then a briefing on what the group will do that afternoon in the nursery.
Lunch (included) at the Pilot House Glass Bottom Bar and Restaurant. Keys Diver II is docked at Pilot House Marina. (Coral Restoration Foundation has the Pilot House on the right and the boat on the left so you can walk over and walk back to the dock to board the boat.. no need to even move your car).  Parking is across the street and is free.
Afternoon Session
Two tank dive on the nursery.
Two tank dive, transplanting corals to the reefs off Key Largo. Most likely location is the Tavenier grounding area.
Only $130 per diver .
Price includes:
$80 FOR THE DIVES AND $50 FOR THE CORAL RESTORATION FOUNDATION morning of Coral Restoration Classes, Afternoon of 2 tank dive to the nursery and reef, tanks, weights, and your lunch is all included at the Pilot House Glass Bottom Bar.
Part of the required charge of $130 includes a donation of $50 directly payable to the Coral Restoration Foundation in your name OVER THE $80 DIVE FEE FOR A TOTAL OF $130.
If you need a room, contact the Key Largo Bayside Inn, just blocks from the dive boat, and on the Florida Bay with stunning sunsets. 1-866-365-9867
Payment due in full at time of booking.
No refunds 7 days prior to event unless due to
weather related incident or captain cancels the dive, then the dive fees will be refunded.
Full gear rental just $25, mask, fins, snorkel, reg, octo, BCD, computer.
NOTE: Divers must be certified and bring their C cards with them and required paperwork which can be found here:

Please complete paperwork in advance.

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